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Multifunctional Pillow-Type Automatic Packing Machine

This machine is specially developed and manufactured by our scientific research personnel for a second packing of aluminium-plastic drug plate in the pharmaceutical industry, this upgrading the damp proof performance of the packed aluminium-plastic drug plate and keeping the drug away from light. This machine adopts PLC programmable controller to program operation of the whole machine and it is equipped with number printing lot No. of production, production Date and Term of Validity, etc. on the outer package during packing process. Our scientific research personnel has also designed a kind of automatic feeder suitable for aluminium-plastic tablet of various specifications, thus really making this machine a kind of full-automatic packing machine and honorably get the national patent.

nonwoven towel machinery
Applications :
  Wet tissue packing    
  thermalbonded nonwoven    
  airlaid nonwoven    
  Controller to Program Operation: This machine adopts PLC programmable controller to program operation of the whole machine.
  Electronic Text Display: The packing output will be displayed on TD-200 Screen to meet your eyes. Automatic Adjustment of Bag Length: The packing length can be set directly on TD-200 screen display and can be changed very easily and quickly without manual operation.
  Two-way Compensation Colour Code Aligning: Detect the colour code with the imported photoelectric detecting senor and conduct automatic compensating mechanism, thus making colour code aligning quick and accurate

Technical parameter



Production Capacity

30-120 Bags/min

Packing Volume

L60-150mm,W30-110mm,H5-30mm (Designed sepcial)

Rated Frequency


Rated Power supply


Total power




Overall dimernsion

LxWH 3500900x1400mm

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