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Towel dispenser

Towel dispenser is a new type electric product integrating high technology and green environmental protection, from beautiful exterior design to all-functional and easy-to-use system of heating, refrigeration and automatic sterilization. It offers you clean and comfortable disposable disinfected soft towel at any moment, avoiding bacteria infection brought by unclean napkin and repeatedly used towels. It embodies new consumption trends of stressing science & technology, humanism and environmental protection of modern life and is a revolution in small electric appliance trade and consumption field. With high content of science and technology, our towel machine consists of six systems of microcomputer control, cutting, rolling, heating (refrigeration), spraying and ultraviolet sterilization.

towel dispenser
towel dispenser
towel dispenser
towel dispenser
towel dispenser
towel dispenser
towel dispenser
towel dispenser
Applications :
  Restairant Service Station
  Beautician Workshop
  Childcare Office
  Healthcare Casino
  Home Gymnasium
  Cafe Hairdresser
  Hotel Motel
Specifications :
  Rated Power: 50w
  Rated Voltage: 220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz
  Color: White, Sliver, Champagne
  CE, GS, TUV.
  G.W/N.W.: 7.8/6.8kg
  Paz Size:

Technical parameter

  • RTD-0301
    S/N Description G.W./N.W. MOQ. Paz. Method Pan. Size Qyt./20'FT
    RTD-0301 Towel Dispensor 13.6/15.6kg 50pcs 1pc per ctn 54*50*35cm 480ctns

  • RTD-0302
    S/N Description G.W./N.W. MOQ. Paz. Method Pan. Size Qyt./20'FT
    RTD-0302 Towel Dispensor 14.0/15.0kg 50pcs 1pc per ctn 64*29*52cm 228ctns

  • RTD-0303
    S/N Description G.W./N.W. MOQ. Paz. Method Pan. Size Qyt./20'FT
    RTD-0303 Towel Dispensor 12.5/13.5kg 50pcs 1pc per ctn 57*28*52cm 252ctns

Features :

  Moist---Adjust moisture content at the touch of buttom.
  Hot and Cool-- Select desired temperature at the touch of a buttom.
  Sanitised--RIWAY utilises latest technology "U.V Sanitiser" to sanitise the water and towels.
  Hygienic--Antibacterial solution (supplied) can be added to water if desired.
  Refreshing-- Clean, moist towel leaves skin feeling fresh and invigorated.
  Cleansing-- Wipe away dirt from hands before eating etc. Moist towel is far more effective than dry napkin. Clean up after eating or other activities is a please.
  Disposable-- Towels are made from 100% biodegradable, natural fibre and can be safely disposed of after use. Traditional laundered hand towels have been proven to possibly still carry large quantities of bacteria.
  Strong-- Towel are thick and strong. They are made from 100% natural fibre (not paper) and will not pull apart or leave any residue.
  Pleasantly scented-- Your choice of beauful, natural scents are provided for you to add to water as desired.
  Cost effective-- The cost of each towel is a small fraction of the cost of laundered hand towels and offer numerous additional benefits to you, your customers and your business.
  Labour saving-- Any quantity of towel can be dispensed at the press of a button. There is no need to collect towel and send to laundry after use. No need to heat towels before use either. The "RIWAY" is a totally self-contained unit that will work hard to serve you and your customers for years to come.

Seven sales points of our Machine:

  Intelligent technology
    Use a complete set of microcomputer control system. Temperature and humidity of soft towels are optional. Output of 1-99 towels can be set at one time. It also has self-alarm system when lacking towel or water, safe and easy to operate.
  Design of environmental protection
    All soft towels are made of 100% natural plant fiber. Soft, comfortable and easy to absorb water. It can prevent pollution to environment effectively and is a kind of international popular green product.
  Function of sterilization
    As well as automatic ultraviolet sterilization system inside, it is also equipped with antibacterial water tank which can sterilize automatically. Soft towels made by it are aseptic and not irritant with feint natural fragrance.
  Wide application
    -It changes traditional hygienic habit and upgrades taste of life and can be used at public and business places of home, government, company, restaurant, entertainment, beauty parlour, body building, hospital, school, hotel, airport, bank, etc.
  Intelligent Technology
    Apply full set of micro-computer control system, free to choose the length, temperature and humidity of soft towel, towel output rate can be set up as 1-99pcs at one time, automated towel & water lack system, thus to reach scure, quick and convenient use.
  Environment-friendly design
    Soft towel made from 100% natural plant fiber, clean, soft, comfortable and good absorbability. The towel can be disintegrated naturally, effectively avoid environment pollution, thus becomes globally popular green product.
  Sterilization Function
    Inner setup UV automated sterilization system, equipped with anti-bacteria water tank and pipe. The towel made out is free from bacteria or stimulation but with light natural Aroma.

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