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Food Industrial Pure Water Equipment  

System protection, alarm; The water is full protection; The system automatically water making; Introduction: is technology
This process is made up of the following parts: pretreatment, reverse osmosis (RO), degassing device, continuous electro-deionization (EDI).

Reverse osmosis technology is a high efficient, low energy consumption and pollution, advanced technology, mainly used in the preparation and pure water desalination. Reverse osmosis technology is powered by pressure difference of membrane filtration technology, through the pressure difference and the source of the water will H2O inorganic salt and heavy metal ions, organic matter, colloid, bacterium, virus impurities such as strict separation.

EDI is an electrodialysis technology and ion exchange technology in the advanced technology of fusion, the system can through the electromagnetic field through the anion and cation exchange membrane for the selectivity of anion and cation through action and ion exchange resin of ion exchange action, in dc field under the effect of ion migration, the realization directional so as to complete the depth of the water, the system can be completed in salt resin continuous regenerate automatically, need not stop use soda acid resin, and that can continuous regeneration making high quality pure water.



Input water: tap water(TDS:147ppm)

Output water:
appearance:Clear colorless
total salinity:≤1mg/L
KMnO4 consumption:≤5mg/L
Total carbonic acid (dissolved the CO2 and carbonate) :≤2.3×10-2mol/L
total hardness :≤8.9×10-3mol/L
copper (Cu) :≤7.9×10-5mol/L
Ferrum (Fe) :≤9×10-4mol/L
System process: reverse osmosis RO + degassing + continuous electro-deionization EDI

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