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Compressed product Machine

Compressed towel machines or weight is to towels (bath towel, cultural shirt, socks, and other similar cotton textiles), compressed into a circular, heart-shaped, spherical, shell-shaped, the shape of cartoon characters such as (under a variety of customer requirements to produce tailor-made shapes). MSJ-200T type compressed towel machine specifications targeted at large t-shirts compressed, and cultural shirt design Bonding activities style, double-operating positions, pneumatic drawing of patterns.

compressed product machine
compressed product machine
Applications :
  Spunlace nonwoven
  Thermalbonded nonwoven
  Airlaid nonwoven
  100ton hydraulic pressure compressing system
  The compressing time and loading time can be set on the PLC panel r
  Max. output: 16pcs per compressing cycle
  Suits for making nonwoven compressed towel, cotton compressed towel, T-shirt

Technical parameter

Items Unit RGM-400
Raw material specifications   A few grams to 1,500 grams total within Shuici weight, Fangnian weight, cotton towels, t-shirts, cultural shirt
Workstation size M 560MM×560MM
Working space MM 400MM
Work trip MM 200MM
Power V 380V
Motive force KV 5.2KW
Machine dimension M

Weight T 3.2t
Advanced shap   May be based on the production of a variety of tailor-made for clients shape

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