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Full Automatic drawer type wet tissue Packing Machine

This machine adopts PLC programable controller to control packing production process of drwer type wet tissue.Put several wet tissues into the film packing bag, the frotisoiece bag has drae mouth,the cover the envelop-page and agglutinate again, the inner wet tissue are still kept humidity.

This machine has novelty structure,advaned technical,high production efficiency,moreover settle the polution lacuna which is made by hand packing.The outre casing of the whole machine and the part contacting the machine and products are made of stainless steel and innocuity material which accords with national standard requirement.

The wet tissue products packed by this machine are cleanness,sanitation,safe ehich are widely used for service trade such as eating,drinking and tour moreover.it's suitable for airplane,train,ship use,easy for taking..

nonwoven towel machinery
Applications :
  Wet tissue packing    
  thermalbonded nonwoven    
  airlaid nonwoven    
  A speed adjusting heat-sealing cutting hob has been designed .one hob for several use which greatly improves productong efficency,reduces production cost.
  Adopts advanced PLCcomputer program to control.photoelectric detecting sensor to detect the color mark,photoelectric color mark detection, two-way compensation, thus making color detection quick and accurate.
  Every heating part adopts four temperature controlles to automatically control temperature, thus improving the quality of heating.
  The drawer mouth adopts adhesive tap agglutinate,
  perfect encapsulation capability,easy for opening and closing.

Technical parameter

Items Unit Full Automatic drawer type wet tissue Packing Machine
Production Capacity bag/min 30-120 (bag/min)
Packing Volume mm L80-180mm w30-180mm h5-55mm
Rated Power supply v AC 220V
Rated Frequency Hz 50Hz
Machine dimension m (L*W*H) 5000*1000*1800mm
Weight Kg 850kg

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