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Far infrared hot shrink tunnel machine

Far infrared hot shrink tunnel machine is very widely used..It uses the contraction membrance to carry on the hot contraction packing to the goods. It not only may carry on the single unit packing ,causes the product directly to stock merchandise for sale, also may use for parts the assembly line work packing. Suit each kind of use situation, passes through it to pack after the product, not only has the good transparency, the outlook artistic neat, had guaranteed the bedding bag installs the good clean, has the good moisture-proof performance, simultaneously in transports and stores in the process to get up the certain cushioning effect, occupies the space to be smaller.

Far infrared hot shrink tunnel machine is one kind of new modernized ideal packing equipment. It enhanced the product packing scale, the economic efficiency and the spcial efficiency is good.

nonwoven towel machinery
Applications :
nonwoven towel,roll
food,drink,chemical industrial
electric appliance, cloth
protection: may reduce the product to break a seal, the possibility which steals guards against the camouflah effect to be better.
clean: may avoid contanminating the dust, reduces the polluted.
may ciirdinate the different product shape to carry on the corresponding packing, the increase is artistic and the value feeling.
the use collective packing, has ships the convenience and a purchase more quantities effect.
may provide the relativity moisture-resistance, is especially more important in e the stack board packing.
use the advanced heat insulation result and the thermal insulation material, the energy conservation provide electricity enhance the efficiency.
transmission devices revolution steady,but the continuous working, the contraction effect is good.
speed regulations scope broad, the movement is stable, may act according to contracts the request willfully to choose, stepless speed regulation.
automatic warm controls, the precision teachers high, temperature hypothesis convenient, the demonstration is direct-viewing. the temperature may adjust the scope to be broad, adapts the diffrent material contraction request.
use the hot blast circulation, the heat contracts the room temperature evenly , is stable.
operations simple, control reliable, the compatibility is broad.

main technical parameter

Trasfer rate
Max contraction size
Power source
380V, 50Hz
Temperature control
0-300 centigrade
Machine net wight

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