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Automatic baby wipes production solution

This production line is designed specially to produce wet wipes. The automatic wet wipes product line have the equipments: auto unwinding, folding and pulling, quantitative moisture. Stacking, auto packing machine, Agitate tank and so on.

compressed product machine
compressed product machine
Applications :
  Spunlace nonwoven
  Thermalbonded nonwoven
  Airlaid nonwoven
  100ton hydraulic pressure compressing system
  The compressing time and loading time can be set on the PLC panel r
  Max. output: 16pcs per compressing cycle
  Suits for making nonwoven compressed towel, cotton compressed towel, T-shirt

Technical parameter

1-1 Auto Unwinding
1)Raw material: spunlace nonwoven fabric…
2)Raw material width: 180-330mm
3)Raw material diameter: 1400mm(maximum)
4)Inner diameter: 3 inch
5)Paper stack QTY: 12set
6)Tension control: servo control

1-2 Folding and Pulling
1)Folding width: 95-115mm, adjustable(extend this scope need special produce)
2)Folding type: Z fold and interfold(Z+Z need special produce)
3)Pulling drive: servo motor

1-3 Quantitative Moisture
1)Liquid feeding scope: proportion 60-80%,
                         Quantity: 2.0-40L/min
2)Moisture accuracy: ±2%,calculate by flow meter
3)Liquid feeding set: touch screen set
1-4 Stacking
1)Cut length: 120-230mm(extend this scope need special produce)
2)Stacking height: within 100mm
5)QTY of stack: 2-10 piles /stack
6)Set type: separate touch screen

1-5 Auto Packing Machine
1)Packing film diameter: max 350mm
2)Packing film width: max 460mm
3)Bag length: 150-350mm
4)Packing width: 100-165mm
5)Packing height: 20-100mm
6)Speed control: 10-80 bags/min
7)Operate interface: separate touch screen
8)Reciprocating control: servo motor
9)End seal control: servo motor
10)Film feeding motor: servo motor
11)Material feeding motor: servo motor
12)Punch and Sticker: servo motor

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