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Napkin Folding Machine

This machine is mainly used to fold rectangle napkin, which can deliver paper rolls or adhesive-bonded fabric cloth of different widths into packing recesses through vertical fold. Cutting off, cross fold, spraying and pressing. To ensure its packing quality a frequency conversion speeder, automatic photo-electricity tracing and control system have been provided with this machine. Forming a complete set with Pillow type plate packing machine, it can be combined into a production line for folding paper automatically

Applications :
  Spunlace nonwoven
  Airlaid nonwoven
  Thermalbonded nonwoven
  Frequency conversion control, operate easily and conveniently
  Infrared counters, the amount of product can precision tracking
  Obverse jumbo roll and reverse jumbo roll are both available on this machine
  Use the mirror type stainless steel to make the key part and the folding channels
  Stainless steel table-board, the finished product is sanitary and the machine can have a long lifecycle

Technical parameter

Production efficiency:

30-120 (bags/min)

Size of original Paper

Dia. 1000mm, Width(W) 180-400mm

Layer quantity of vertical folding

3-10 layers

Open and flat size of paper
of finished product (fold)


Rated power supply

AC 380V

Rated frequency


Total power


Overall dimension


Machine weight


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